About me

My Background:

I have 20 years of operations management experience, working in the commercial sector in various different companies, and organisations.

I have worked for young ambitious start-ups, multi-billion-dollar multinationals, national institutions, and in the public sector.

I have also successfully changed my career!

All of my roles have required me to lead large teams of people, an aspect of my job I loved. I was motivated to train as a Business Coach in 2011. I wanted to get better at supporting the effectiveness of my teams, by getting better at utilising and supporting the individual strengths within.

Eventually, I started to crave more autonomy and personal fulfilment. I employed a Coach who helped me to reflect on what I wanted my life to look like going forward …..Shepherdess Coaching is the result.

I feel fortunate to have found my calling as a Coach and am passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives. I use my extensive experience in team leadership, business management, marketing and personal development to enhance my Coaching. You can find out more about my career history on my Linked In page.

My Passion: I am passionate and committed to continuous personal development. I firmly believe in the importance of developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence to become better at dealing with life and ensure growth.

My work and studies have led me to the conclusion that we all possess the extraordinary personal power to transcend our unique circumstances and to build the success we want (whatever that success looks like). This is the belief that I will carry through our sessions together.

I’m excited to witness the transformation of my client’s as they discover new aspects to who they are.